Tech in mobile cameras


Mobile cameras are packing more technology than my camera has. :face_with_monocle: E.g.,


I don’t know why they neglected to mention that they opted to use a RYYB CFA. I also searched for papers that mention RYYB and found info on other tech that could soon be implemented. This set of tech is meant to prevent the cross-talk of pixels.


(pphoto) #2

As long as my APS-C sensor is more than 20 times bigger than a smartphone’s one that technology is mostly irrelevant to me.

My 16 megapixel sensor does not have the cross-talk problem as a 40 megapixel sensor with that tiny size has.

(Tobias) #3

I think the Nokia 9 pure view with its 5 (2 colour and 3 mono) cameras is interesting from a technical point. The reviewers are not that happy, because the processing is very slow. But I think this can be fixed and we will see more phones like this in the future.