Tell me please work gmic in win XP

(Rej Uoi) #1

I was unable to install the latest version of gmic in gimp 2.8.22 running Windows XP 32 bit.when installed on the custom installer’s path after startup, gimp issues a bunch of errors of missing dll files,when changing the installation path to a user’s folder, an error occurs - the entry point to the procedure CancelIoEx was not found in the DLL KERNEL 32.dll ,
help solve the problem,


I do think you will get the QT version running in XP, however there is a chance using GTK.

Remove all the gmic QT files you installed.

Best use the 32 bit zipped version from screenshot:

Unzip that and put the whole folder ‘somewhere’ . Your Gimp profile is a good bet. Still not finished there, because you need an extra dependency libunistring-2.dll I got it from here.

Unzipped and goes in with the other gmic files : screenshot

Now you can start Gimp up and add the gmic location to the Gimp paths in Edit -> Preferences -> Folders -> Plug-ins


Restart Gimp, open an image, start gmic, refresh the plugins and there you are, gmic 2.2.2 32 bit in Win XP


(Rej Uoi) #3

ohh this is just great! thank you so much for the help all works

(darix) #4

You really want to think about upgrading your windows version to something newer or in doubt switch to linux.


It is entirely possible that @rej_uoi doesn’t have the sufficient hardware to run anything newer than XP. In that case, I would also recommend Linux and family. In fact, there are distros that can handle extremely low end hardware; e.g., search here.