Temporary photo picks

Darktable doesn’t have the Pick option like Lightroom or other have, only the Stars/Rating and Reject options. Everyone, including me, has built their workflow to review and rate the photos, and mine has worked fine for me.
But there’s one thing I’d love to have that Pick button for: more temporary picks. Stars/Colors for me work for classifying the photos and are somehow definitive, so I’d love to have something that allowed me to aggregate photos that are related just on that moment, ex: the photos for a blog post I’m writing, a photo essay, etc.

More than discussing if that feature could be added, my real question is: how do you handle these kinds of temporary and volatile photo picks? Use the stars/colors? Use a label for that?

Use a tag, then remove it when you are done with the images?


I use colors.

Normally, I classify my photos by rating them, then I use yellow for WIP, green for done and purple for these that are different (probably require more work, not sure if I can do something, …) then I’ve free blue and red.

@t3mujin I think you can use more than one color so you can have levels of colors…I don’t use it but I recall hearing that I think…so you could use a second level for your temporary ones or some color combination can create a filter that works for that…

Yup, those are my usual workarounds, usually I end up using a combination of creating a label for the “project” and one of the colors for the list (although I’m running out of colors). But I’d still love to have a more ad-hoc way to pick photos :slight_smile:

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Using say blue as a second color for all temp images you can use a filter preset to select them…

THen just remove it later when done…
This only works I guess if you assign by default or on purpose a first color…