Test the latest RawTherapee AppImage


Works fine on lubuntu 14.04.5 64 bit. Thank you!!!


5.5: you can take a look here: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/milestone/5

(Morgan Hardwood) #43

Actually, here:

(Syv) #44


I’m doing further testing. Question:

The 100% preview popup has become a lot smaller than the from 5.4



Is there a way for me to make the box bigger again?



(Morgan Hardwood) #45

Resize it as you would any other window.

(Syv) #46

No can do, it doesn’t resize. There is no handle to grab the corners


(Syv) #47

Round 2: Yes. I have found the handle: only at the bottom right corner of the 1:1 window.




Installed Appimage from Rawtherapee.com in Mint 18.3 (MATE).
Very fast loading file browser and editor window. Much faster than Win 7 version on my dual boot PC


Vertical scroll bar for the Process Menu has jerky response to cursor movement and trails behind it
Horizontal sliders behave similarly but scroll wheels working as expected

Lateral expansion/contraction of both Process Menu (RHS) and Histogram/Navigator/History Menu (LHS) using cursor is also jerky and erratic.

Horiz/Vert panning of image in editor at any scale also exhibits jerky response to cursor movement and is difficult to control.

These all cursor related and I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same?

(Mica) #49

@Fujiman can you test the AppImage linked in this thread to see if the behavior is better?


Thanks Mica

I’ll try that over the weekend.

(Mica) #51

The link is this: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/download/nightly/RawTherapee-dev-5.4-754-g1437ab9.AppImage

(Syv) #52

Doesn’t work: I get:

 404: Page not found

BTW: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/

  1. Could it be: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/download/nightly/RawTherapee-dev-5.4-778-g61e033a.AppImage
  2. Is it possible to add/display the date of your compile?



(Mica) #53

The link works for me… but the nightly is at https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/releases/tag/nightly



Couldn’t find the nightly build mentioned in thread

So I downloaded this one:-

However, regarding cursor response, it behaves in exactly same manner as the official release from Rawtherapee.com

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #55

@Fujiman thanks for checking! I will try to reproduce what you observe, and let you know…

(Pedro Miguel Bastos Neves) #56

Hi @Carmelo_DrRaw,

I’ve downloaded the new version RawTherapee-dev-5.4-783-gb26ea95.AppImage and still happens a segmentation fault.
Here are the logs:

pn17679@pw710220:Downloads$ ./RawTherapee-dev-5.4-783-gb26ea95.AppImage
System stdc++ library: “/usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6”
System stdc++ library version: “3.4.21”
Bundled stdc++ library version: “3.4.22”
Newest stdc++ library version: “3.4.22”
Using bundled stdc++ library
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libatomic.so.1’: File exists
ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libgomp.so.1’: File exists
atomiclib: /usr/lib64/libatomic.so.1
Checking versions of library “libfontconfig”
system library: “/usr/lib64/libfontconfig.so.1.8.0” (libfontconfig.so.1.8.0)
system library version: 1.8.0
ailib: “/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/usr/lib/libfontconfig.so.1.7.0”
bundled library: “/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/usr/lib/libfontconfig.so.1.7.0” (libfontconfig.so.1.7.0)
bundled library version: 1.7.0
newest library version: “1.8.0”
Removing bundled “libfontconfig”
removed ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libfontconfig.so.1’
removed ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libfontconfig.so.1.7.0’
Checking versions of library “libfreetype”
system library: “/usr/lib64/libfreetype.so.6.12.3” (libfreetype.so.6.12.3)
system library version: 6.12.3
ailib: “/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/usr/lib/libfreetype.so.6.10.0”
bundled library: “/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/usr/lib/libfreetype.so.6.10.0” (libfreetype.so.6.10.0)
bundled library version: 6.10.0
newest library version: “6.12.3”
Removing bundled “libfreetype”
removed ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libfreetype.so.6’
removed ‘/tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz/libfreetype.so.6.10.0’
/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/AppRun: line 39: 18490 Segmentation fault ldd “${APPDIR}/usr/bin/rawtherapee”


/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/AppRun: line 43: 18491 Segmentation fault ldd “${APPDIR}/usr/lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-svg.so”


LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /tmp/tmp.f9E2Jz:/usr/lib:
/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/AppRun: line 49: 18493 Broken pipe /sbin/ldconfig -p
18494 Segmentation fault | grep ‘librsvg’


/tmp/.mount_RawThebB75Wx/AppRun: line 59: 18495 Segmentation fault “${APPDIR}/usr/bin/rawtherapee.wrapper” “$@”


(Carmelo Dr Raw) #57

@PBNeves this means that some of the bundled libraries are conflicting with your system commands, like ldd. I will try to do some tests on Slackware, and let you know.


(Morgan Hardwood) #58

Admirable how much effort you’re putting into this @Carmelo_DrRaw

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #59

In fact, I am a big fan of the AppImage concept, and I am trying to put together a set of scripts that allow to reliably bundle any generic GTK application. I hope that what I am doing for RT will turn out to be very helpful for GIMP and PhotoFlow, and maybe some more projects…

(Glenn Butcher) #60

I’m rapidly becoming one, also. I’m thinking of a build server, where/how do you typically host this sort of thing, especially if you’re (I’m) cheap!