Testers needed: PhotoTeleport and Facebook

Hi all!
As I wrote in the latest blog post in PhotoTeleport’s blog, Facebook has revoked some permissions from our application, so there might be issues with uploading to Facebook.

Unfortunately, I cannot test the extent of these changes myself, as I’ve happily deleted my Facebook account, so I’d be grateful if someone could let me know what exactly is broken, and what works.

If Facebook continues to make developers’ life so difficult, I might consider removing the Facebook plugin altogether… :-/


A little confused here…

You have a tool that (among other things) uploads to Facebook, but you don’t have a Facebook account. Based on what your web site says, you are the sole developer of PhotoTeleport. So, in effect, you are flying blind when it comes to Facebook. I think the only two viable choices are (a) get back on Facebook, or (b) drop Facebook support.

I don’t say this to be negative, but instead to say don’t put your reputation at risk. Personally, I wouldn’t want my name associated with something I couldn’t even test.

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I guess the thrust of the app is to include as many portals as possible. That said, I agree with @elGordo that it would make little sense to maintain connectivity with FB if @mardy’s interaction with FB has ended, unless he is willing to bring someone else on board. He might want to monetize it eventually, so maybe not?

Eventually, once a stable version has been compiled, the plan is to remove the download button and start selling PhotoTeleport on this website and possibly other software stores. However, nothing is set on stone.

Another point of confusion is that the GNU GPLv3 license is for photokinesis Copyright (C) 2018 Alberto Mardegan and not PhotoTeleport. Is that significant or nothing out of the ordinary? Someone, who is more familiar with FLOSS licensing, care to comment? In any case, I prefer a README description to make it easier to understand the intent of the project and why there are two names.

Well, PhotoTeleport is already on sale on the Apple store (it’s also available for free from phototeleport.com), and I’m obviously not good at monetizing things, but indeed that’s the goal.
Anyway, the project is open source, so if there’s a developer who can take ownership of the Facebook plugin, I would happily hand it over.

I will add that :slight_smile: Meanwhile, the question about the two names is simple: I started developing it as “Photokinesis”, until I realized that I didn’t like the name and decided to change it. But I see little point in changing the name in the source project.

As for the copyright mentioning my name: “PhotoTeleport” is not any kind of organisation, so until it is, I think it’s preferrable if every contributor just adds his name to the files he edits. I will also add a CONTRIBUTING file to the project, to explain this and more (for instance, I’d like contributors to grant me permission to relicense the project under any other FSF-approved license, anytime in the future).