Tethered video on linux

Open Source Photography includes video no?
If not this can be deleted.

I’m trying to do macro video of me making fishing flies and fishing lures. Any seemingly insignificant bump to the camera can put the extreme macro view off kilter. So I’d like to shoot without ever touching the camera.

Entangle does not do video mode and unless I’m mistaken neither does Darktable tethering.

Are there any open source ways to tether video mode on DSLRs?

gphoto cmdline has capture video at least

gphoto2 --capture-movie

OK. I found one.

qDslrDashboard tethers my Nikon D7000 in video mode. It doesn’t know how to electronically twist the focus ring (which some proprietary softwares do) but I can live with that.

OBS looks interesting too.