text adding (for name on pics)

hi. As a newbee to rawtherapee, I wonder where to find a text option, to just write my name in a small text box that I can edit depending on any pic I process.

You mean you want to add some text which could be seen on the developed jpeg? Such a function does not exist in RT

that’s a downer… i saw such feature on an earlier RT tutorial


oh - I will check on this, although I already installed another raw editing programme. Thanks

I’m not aware of a place to do this in RawTherapee. I have done this sort of thing to watermark a bunch of photos before posting them online. I used the batch feature in digiKam to do this.

If I’m only working on one photo, I have a few different names / logos saved as a vector file that I can position and resize as needed in GIMP.