Text node crash Natron in Linux OS

Hi. When i select text node in KDE plasma (Linux kernell) natron crash. I have dual operative system in my PC; i install natron in my windows 10 partition and i haven’t got any problem with the text node.
Some user do this video about this problem: https://youtu.be/Yfkn8Wh4sAA
This bug is restricting the useful of natron in linux, if someone could solve it would be great!


Download the official binaries from Releases · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub and avoid (broken) third-party packages/binaries.

I have the last stable version 2.3.15. Do you say me the KDE repository have a different (broken) version of this program? or i have to download the last beta version to solve this? (i don’t know if beta versions of this program have another stability problems)

And where did you get that version?

We have “stable” and “beta” available from the url I gave you.

I get the program from KDE repository (is like-google play store in android), In “about Natron” say that i have 2.3.15 Release and have this text at the end:
“This software was compiled from the source code branch master at version d9dcaf1 using GNU C++ version 9.2.0 targeting Intel x86-64 for Linux.”

yes, i see it, i prefer download stable version to avoid stability problems. But i don’t know if i need to download a beta version to solve this text node problem.

Don’t use Natron from third-parties.

Any official version will work.

I downloaded it in the official page and NOW WORK!.
The version is the same (2.3.15) but the text of compilation information now are changed and the location route of the program too. (I suppose one of this are cause the problem).

Thank u so much rodlie!!!

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