Thank you for linear pipeline in darktable

It took me a while… say maybe a year to figure out what on earth are those new features @aurelienpierre was talking about.
I did watch the tutorial form @aurelienpierre and must admit that it took a few days to complete at least one (I’m a busy family man!). I’ve watched them all (including filmic v4 one) some twice :wink:

Long story short. I do use very short list of modules now. WB, highlights, exposure, contrast equalizer, color balance, filmic and local contrast. From time to time grain also.
I really like the distinctive look of the results. I have notice that my re-developed images are far more clear, clean, and overall better balanced than with my previous non-linear edits (tone curve mostly). Rarely I spend more than 2 minutes per image.

One module I use with caution is the tone equalizer. Usually it is enough to use instance of exposure with mask to fix some local issues (mostly burned out areas). But sometimes this module makes a world of difference!

I wanted to thank all the devs and supporters of darktable!
The transition wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

Thank you!

I did donate :wink:


Welcome & thank you :slight_smile:

Fully agree!

p.s. I did the same (learn curve & donate) ;-))

Thank you all indeed! Finally a way to process high dynamic range images without halos or “that HDR look”.