Thank you to everyone here

I just want to take this time to say thank you to everyone here. Between the great advice from those here and some trial and error, I have really been able to take my game up to another level. I thought I had a problem with a lens a while back when it was new, but I still needed to learn a few things. I am no longer trying to make my images look like someone elses. I have my own style now. Tone Mapping and local contrast in Raw Therapee really make a difference.

Mr. David, your article on wavelet decompose was really something that I have been able to use and it allowed me to develop a nice little work flow for portraiture. Top notch and thank you. Not to mention that the sharpening of the bottom detail layer really gives punch to my images. Good Grief!!!

Again thank you all for everything.

John Lambiase


This is the best kind of feedback. You totally made my day!


I really want to jump on the bandwagon here and say pretty much the same thing. I’ve only been here a week, but the amount of information and the overall vibe of the community here makes for a great experience.

Reminds me of days of old, before myspace and facebook, when message boards where all the rage… This kind of places me, but it’s alright. Do you mind linking that article you mentioned? Thanks.


Wow, thank you very much for taking the time leave some positive feedback (and thank you for the kind words)!

I’m really hopeful to get some time free to start writing again.

@zerosapte - he may be talking about a couple of different places where I’ve talked about wavelet decompose:


Sorry it took so long to get back. I cover high school sports and When I talked about Wavelet, I was referring the tool in Gimp. Sorry I did not make that clear and the Article by Mr David was posted by him in this thread.

Regarding the sharpening inside that wavelet tool, I have found that in Scale 1 which carries most of the details, you can run unsharp mask with standard protocals two and even three times one right after another. In my portraits, it has really been able to help accentuate and help extrapolate detail.

My first post here, reading since some time.
You are amazing!
I’ve hardly found a forum like this, where developers and users talk on eye level.
No hard words and so on…!
Keep up the spirit!

The only community I’ve found, that comes near, is the Kyma network.

Thank You!


Welcome aboard, and happy to hear you like what you see.

This could almost have been written by me, I discovered (actually re-discovered) RT just over a year ago and I keep telling people the difference is comparable to replacing your lens with a better one, not to mention the massive gains you get in control post-processing, the image quality is just better than anything else I’ve tried, even at the beginning when I barely knew how to use it. I’m still learning new stuff almost every day, its so fun, and my pictures just keep getting better. Thanks so much to the devs and anybody who helps out with RT or any of the other incredible free/open source photography softwares. I often try to make my brain understand how it is that people are out there furiously making Raw Therapee better all the time for free. I just want them to know that basically every time they do something it makes my day when I see it.


@Django Welcome to the forum and have fun learning new things!