The article should be about preserving the family legacy

This is about what should you do if somethings happen to your house or it was burned out and all family photos are being burned and no one left?

Is there a remedy?

There’s an old adage (which I just invented) regarding the storage of IT archives: off site, out of State, overseas.

At least one will survive.

Of course, the format of your files might be important.


Yes so it means that there is still a remedy?

I try to follow this backup strategy:

Copying your files to a portable storage medium enables you to locate the output device to somewhere secure – electronically secure, physically secure, politically secure.

This reduces your consideration to two.

Electromechanical – will the storage device deteriorate, electronically or physically, over time? Can it be upgraded or replaced periodically?

Obsolescence – will the format of the device and its files remain readable/accessible for a long time? Again, semi-regular replacement and updating will probably take care of that.

This question is really an old chestnut.


Of course, there is no remedy `after the fact’. There are many before the catastrophe happens.:grin: