"The Book of GIMP" or "GIMP for Absolute Beginners?"

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I tried using GIMP many years ago but, I quickly lost interest after being intimidated by the complicated looking user interface/control panel. Years later, I find myself getting bored and am interested in applying myself to learn how to use the program’s advanced functions to apply filter effects and use vector shapes, as well as create custom text logos. To be honest, I never even mastered Adobe Photoshop, much less GIMP. I am lost and need some guidance. I am looking at sending for a user guide that explains things in clear English for all of us noobs who know absolutely nothing about photo editing or DIY graphics design. My question is, should I get “The Book of GIMP” or “GIMP for Absolute Beginners?” I understand that the TBOG is more comprehensive overall, but does the other book also have merit that the other does not for struggling beginners? I would like a definitive and non-complicated answer on this.

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The best place to start is GIMP - Documentation. Other resources to tap into are tutorial videos. Some you can find on their forum; others on your favourite video platforms.

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I would start with the videos first, they are free and should show you the potential quickly.

I recommend

I learned a lot about GIMP basics from those tutorials.

Purely for what it’s worth, I recommend getting familiar with Inkscape (or another vector-based illustration program) if you’re going to be doing graphic design such as logos, signs, etc. That’s not to minimize GIMP, it’s just that Inkscape is more designed for that kind of work. GIMP, on the other hand, is vastly better at painting, photo retouching and so forth. Of course, both can be used for their respective strengths on a single project, including (e.g.) Scribus for page layout.

Just a suggestion…

I fear that is really old stuff. And the domain is no more. Don’t click the link, it’s a grabbers site now.

The videos are on archive.org and on Youtube. But really old…

I can vouch for the Book of GIMP, if you prefer reading above videos.

Maybe you can find somebody who teaches Gimp courses close to the place you live. I sometimes do that for colleagues at my work place. Such a training is very helpful to get beginners started.

I also agree with @lphilpot that you should learn Inkscape when you want to do vector graphics related stuff (logos etc.). Gimp is fine for pixel graphics.

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