The Cameraslinger's Camera - a Nikon D3000 Giveaway

(Bri) #1

Its my birthday!! Everyone do a shot!
[Bri its like… the morning still…]

And for my birthday I’m giving away my original camera! I’ve had it for almost a decade and learned so much with it. It has a 53,500 shutter count and I can’t transfer the warrenty, but still works perfectly.

Check out the full post here to see how to enter!
Submissions open from today to January 31st!

This is aimed more for beginners who need a starting kit, but don’t let that stop you from submitting an entry if you’ve already been shooting for a while. Please also share this link around with others - someone you know might need something just like this to follow their passions!

Note: Even though I’m linking one of my Patreon posts, you do not have to be a paying patron to enter this contest. Pledging any amount, while very appreciated, will not increase your chances of getting chosen.

Don’t forget I’m also doing a Play Raw Live Editing Session at 2pm CST at!

(Pat David) #2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :gift: :birthday: :birthday: :gift:

This is quite generous of you to do on your own birthday.

(Bri) #3

Helping other people pursue their passions makes me happy and what better day to be happy than my birthday? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Mica) #4

Yay happy birthday!

(Bri) #5

Soft reminder that there’s only a few days left in the giveaway! Make sure to share the link around with anyone who might need something like this!

Winner to be announced on Feb 2.