The color of the loaded images is incorrect

The button to the right of the “compress history stack” button allows you to create a new style from the history stack

You can take some time and make auto applying presets for your main modules in a camera or lens specific way…This will then prepare your image potentially closer to how you like it…

Kofa - Thanks

There is a while thread titled ‘aurelien said base curve is bad’ . Base curve as last step in the pipeline instead of filmic is perfectly fine .it just makes it harder to control highlights in my opinion , and you get back to hue shifts in shadows and other things that aurelien worked so hard to prevent from happening. But if you want an image that is closer to what the jpg looks like , it’s an easy thing to try and will get you there quicker. You just have to master the tone equalizer more , because you have to get things within range before hitting base curve .

(And I hope that my two example images have shown that filmic can be kust5as easy to get going ).

Yes, I’m aware of base curve being near the end of the pipeline with the default v3 module order. However, if one wanted to use that instead of filmic, selecting a workflow default of none seems like a better option, as scene-referred enables filmic by default.

none will not enable any modules by default and will set the pixelpipe to the v3.0 (scene-referred) order defined for darktable 3.0 and later.
darktable 3.8 user manual - processing — auto-apply pixel workflow defaults