The default profile for Raw Photos could not be found ...

(David ...) #1

When starting RT (either Version 5.3 or 5.0) on my Windows 7 system a dialogue box with a warning message is immediately displayed. It says -

“The default profile for Raw Photos could not be found or is not set. Please check your profiles’ directory, it may be missing or damaged. Default internal values will be used.”

I’m pretty sure that this was triggered by my changing the option Multiuser in the options file from true to false. I was trying to follow the instructions referenced here. In my case this was done after RT had already been used with the prior setting. I can find 2 folders named “profiles”. One is located in the same (main) folder as the executable program (i.e., rawtherapee.exe) and appears to contain the .pp3 files which can be selected from within the editor by choosing to “Load profile from file” when editing. The other is a sub-directory of a folder named cache which is empty.

Any ideas about what I can do to correct this problem?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2


  1. Delete your options file:
  2. Try 5.4-rc2: Call for testing: RawTherapee 5.4-rc2

(David ...) #3

I sort of did 1. insofar as I renamed it which is my way of testing deletion in a way that it can be subsequently undone without the need to rely on Windows file recovery mechanisms but that had no affect.

Possibly by 2 you are saying that a new installation is going to be required. I’m willing to try 5.4-rc2 and will give that a try. I can always re-install 5.3.


(David ...) #4

I tried doing just as suggested and installed RT5.4-rc2 on an external drive. Used InnoExtract to unpack the installer. Edited the “options” file to specify Multiuser=false prior to ever executing RT. The only difference is that the dialogue warning message about not finding the default profile now includes the following text:

‘"$(G)Auto-Matched Curve - ISO Low" will be used instead.’

Also, new is that there is NO Rawtherapee folder in the %LOCALAPPDATA% location, which seems like the Multiuser=false is in effect. The initial execution of RT also created a sub-directory named cache in the folder to which RT was extracted.

(Morgan Hardwood) #5

Issue opened: