The frustration of shadertoy crashes and poisonous project files

I’ve been trying to make a pixel sorter shader, but there are points at which the whole software just crashes, this issue persist in the project file, you can remove every node and recreate it from bottom up, you can change the shader however you want, It will always crash.

I now have two project files that are infected with this.

the crash happens when the shader toy gets connected to another node, when it is built while connected, or when moving the play head.

I’d love to know why that happens, and where it comes from but i was unable to find any logs, or really any way to see where the crash comes from.

maybe y’all can point me to some form of log or callstack i could use to investigate this issue.

We do not have crash reporting/info anymore in the releases. What platform are you running Natron on?

I can provide an (unofficial) Windows build with crash info enabled if anyone needs it.

windows 10 64bit.

Hi, for sure I can make use of this too. Please share it in a public place.

Will do a build later tonight.

And that didn’t work anymore…

The crash handler does not communicate with the Natron binary anymore on my builds, so crash reporting will not work. Don’t know why, that last time I did a crash reporter build was for Natron 2.4.0, and it works as it should. No changes has happened in Natron related to crash reporting.

I did move from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on the build machine a while back, could be related(?), Google Breakpad is a bit sensitive, we can’t do crash reporter builds for Linux since it’s built in Docker, it silently breaks Breakpad (building on a real computer or in a VM works just fine).

Thanks for trying the build.

I can try to build it on Windows 8.1 and see what happens, but it might take a while since I need to find a spare computer for the job (probably not until the weekend).