The Imaging Resource has been shut down was abruptly shut down after its owner was acquired by a new company.

Right now, it redirects to

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Pretty soon we’ll be left with Ken Rockwell as the last review site standing. That’s a scary thought.

Obligatory Ken Rockwell facts, it’s an older meme but it checks out.


At least he has a sense of (self-)irony.

That’s bad. I wonder if the Internet Archive got it… will have a look later. Agree about Ken Rockwell - both his overwhelming um… personality, but also his sense of humor which kind of makes up a bit. :wink:

Looks like the Internet Archive has it. :slight_smile :slight_smile:


You’ve got to be kidding me.

Interestingly, DPReview is still up, the showdown banner was removed and they’re posting new content.


This update from DP Review was posted just a few minutes ago:

Dear readers,

We’re coming up on about a month since our last update here and wanted to thank our community for continuing to support us.

We know you have questions about the status of DPReview since our last communication, and while there is nothing to share right now, we will continue to keep you informed as there are updates to share. In the meantime, we continue to publish news and features (some of my recent favorites have been a three part deep dive into understanding the science of dynamic range from May 2 and learning about the dream cameras our readers most want from May 8). Our forums also remain open and continue to be supported.

Thanks again to our faithful readers. You are what makes DPReview special.

Scott Everett
General Manager -

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Unfortunate turn of events. Looking back, so much has changed in my lifetime. How things have become more convenient and accessible yet ephemeral and challenging!

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Hmm… let’s see. Maybe someone will buy it?

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Are they selling their other properties? Four out of six from their creative brands…

They are now (temporarily?) back, without an explanation or any other update.

Like dpreview… :man_shrugging:

dpreview did post an update. I guess the company who bought IR’s parent company, and is now selling all photography-related assets.
IR was acquired by Madavor in 2020, who, in turn, have been acquired by BeBop, who write:

Our goal is to popularize the high arts including Jazz, Theatre, Dance, and Global Films

Most probably they only wanted Madavor’s Jazz Times, but then realised websites are easier to sell if they are operational.
I hope IR survives, their camera + lens database is a valuable resource, and I also found their reviews useful, especially the ‘field tests’ (hands-on reviews). Their approach to testing claims on weather resistance was also innovative.

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