The Libre Graphics Meeting is back

Hi, this is a copy and past from the LGM mailing list:

Hi everyone,

As no one stepped up to organize the LGM for 2 years, we propose to
organize it in Rennes for 2024, as initially planned in 2020.

This time we would most probably do it fully in the Activdesign
building. Instead of 1 big conference room, it would allow to have 2
medium-sized rooms to run conferences simultaneously, and plenty of
smaller rooms to host BoFs, workshops and hacking sessions. We think it
would be a great setup to focus more on the “Meeting” side of the
event, which was badly missing during the 2 online events (and even
more missing with no event at all).

Also we still have some leftover budget from the cancelled physical
event of 2020, so we should be able to fund some travelling for

About the dates, our current plan would be between May 9th and 12th.

We hope everyone will agree and be enthusiastic to see the LGM come-
back, and that it will motivate other groups to organize it for the
following years.


The Rennes team (Cédric, Elisa, Timothée, Aish)

I will probably go there, but I don’t know yet what kind of workshop I will host. There are many possibilities, one might be almost that same as 2019, “Developing landscape shots with open source software”.
And I will probably stay a bit longer in Britanny in order to take some landscape shots.

What about you? Are you interested in LGM? Maybe we can discuss the possible topics for talks/workshops here, so we don’t apply with the same topics.




I’m planning to go to the LGM.

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I’ll be probably there too, it’s only 2h away by car from my place.
Not sure if people could be interested by a talk on G’MIC though.


There’s always a few people interested. I had a few people interested into G’MIC in some discord server. As a matter of fact, some one wants G’MIC to be a Julia library (Easier than having it on Python I think).


Never underestimate the curiosness of people when they have the chance to look at stuff live, get a solid introduction without having to mess around themselves and maybe even ask questions.

If Rennes wouldn’t be so far off, I’d consider it - including a G’MIC talk. :sunglasses:


Count me in for that session! :grinning:


Is this enthusiasm?

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If you don’t want to give a big presentation, do a lightning talk or workshop. People like that much better anyway.


I’m thinking about attending and running a workshop on Metadata. It’ll be based on my book Image Metadata and Exiv2 Architecture.

I retired from Exiv2 in 2022. I wrote the book during lockdown in 2020 in preparation for retirement. The book discusses:

  1. Image Formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG and 15 others).
  2. Metadata Standards (Exif, IPTC, XMP and ICC).
  3. Project Management

The book includes a simplified version (in 4000 lines of code) of Exiv2. The library has about 100,000 lines. The workshop will dissect and discuss that code.

My aim in the workshop is to pass on my metadata knowledge to help the maintainers of Exiv2.

Chapter 11 of the book discusses Project Management and would be the basis of a 30-minute presentation.


call for papers has started and is open until January 26

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I just submitted my proposal.
It looks like there is not much enthusiasm here for this conference :cry:

However, I have to add that there would be lots of really important things to talk about.