The Missing .cli File

Thank you for flattering me with the send of the .cli instructions. That’s so far above my pay grade I wouldn’t know how to open it to read it. Sorry to be such a dummy about something so many obviously know much about, but I’m the one who ‘didn’t get the word’ … but I plod on in hopes exposure to new information will gradually seep in osmotically to make me a more (ahem … cough*cough) ‘astute’ user.

Oh wow! Such a dummy! I clicked on the blue bold-face text and … VIOLA! - there it was! I should kick myself. To the point: Having read the changes, they seem to solve the problem rather neatly and directly. It explains that RT will operate independent (or, ‘with or without’) the .cli file and that activating the .cli is for a specific rather than a general purpose. Looks like it’ll solve the problem and clear things up in one swell foop.

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Thank you for your comments; the change has been merged into RawTherapee by the project owner.