The Moon through a Sigma 150-600mm @ 600mm

Thought I’d try my Sigma 150-600mm lens @ 600mm hand held at ISO 1600 to grab a shot of the special Super Blue Moon.

Not too bad at all!

Some contrast / sharpening in darktable.


However, the so-called super moon is a pure invention of the self-nammed-scientists-pseudo-journalists.
The distance of the moon does not vary in such a way that its diameter difference can be so much noticeable as they pretend.
The moon seems much bigger when it is seen very near to a terrestrial reference - mountains, buildings, aso.
But, just wait a few minutes, when it is a little higher in the sky, and it suddenly seems not such big anymore. It has not narrowed however, it just moved away the terrestrial reference.
The day there really will be a super-moon, ie. it will really be that big that it will become noticeable, life on earth will disappear.