The Most Dangerous Thread Ever!

+1 to Nikon Z8.

But. I. Will. Never. Cave. In.

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Its only like $650 USD… So cheap you pretty much have to buy it… Its so good its like saving money!



What about the AAS - the Apple Acquisition Syndrome ?
(see the Apple Vision Pro, which “only” costs the price of 20 wheels for Mac Book Pro ).
:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


OM System OM-1X… As soon as it exists :rofl:

Plus 12-40/2.8 Pro and a speedlite.

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They just released some scuba masks, I have seen in the news.

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“As soon as it exists” was the X100 for me. Now I have upgraded to the “V” but can’t sell the old one…

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Strongly resisting the Leica M11 easy to do at that price, as with all things Leica …

There is a German word for that - Anschaffungswiderstand.

Anschaffung = purchase, but not for everyday stuff
widerstand = resistance

So a vehicle has more or less Luftwiderstand, “air resistance” or drag, and Leica has a lot of “procurement resistance”. A real lot, best cure against GAS.


I have to say, as cool as all that tech is, my M1 is still plenty fast. We are spoiled these days.

Is Ehepartnerwiderstand a word?


@Ofnuts In German: absolutely!
If you can build a word like Ungooglebar in German,
naturally your wife’s reluctance can be expressed in that way.

Addendum — would work in English as well: ungoogleable.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

The following protects me from getting new gear.

Camera bodies

New cameras appear all the time with increased resolution, dynamic range, this or that amazing feature. But usually all of these add bulk. The bigger the camera, the less likely it is that I will have it with me after the novelty wears off.

For me the cutoff is the mid-size MFT cameras with a lens that does not protrude too much. It is not that I could not lift an extra 100g or carry around a camera that is a few centimeters bigger. I could, easily. But for some mysterious reason those always end up collecting dust at home.


I find that it takes about 5000 exposures for me to really learn about a lens. Each lens has its own specific character: how sharp it is, how it degrades away from the center, what aperture is the optical sweet spot, how bokeh works. But that’s “just” physics/optics, and once I have explored the mechanics in about 200–500 shots, learning to use it for my creative purposes takes about 1000–2000 exposures. Then the fun part starts: once I know the limitations and strengths of a lens, I end up with photos that are keepers. Switching to new lenses all the time would mean that I never get to this stage. (That said, I am human, and have lenses lined up for purchase, in the medium run).


I already own some and I am not using them.

High-end prime lens compacts

The likes of Ricoh GR III, Leica Q2–3, etc. These are truly amazing feats of engineering, and excel at what they do. But… MILCs in the same price range (camera + lens) are pretty decent these days. I can get very close with a MILC body + prime lens combo, usually cheaper. And on that I can put other lenses.

Tripods & and the rest

See point above above bulk & weight. I find mini tripods useful, and already have one. Also, IBIS is becoming widely available in mid-tier MILCs.

As for other accessories, you usually just need one of a category (eg a bag of a certain capacity, or filters or a given size, a kind of flash, etc).

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I keep getting old cameras from junk drawers and local classifieds. Just picked up a D3X. Neat.


If it wasn’t already, it now is. :partying_face:

The beauty of the german language is you can create a word like “Ehepartnerwiderstand” and everyone will know exactly what it means. Noun-concatenation is awesome until you have to translate its results into other languages.

In French we have the verb-dash-complement: tire-bouchon, démonte-pneu… The “Ehepartnerwiderstand” could be an “énerve-conjoint”.


I think GAS is a real, and a serious problem, it’s really a mental illness. As far as I am concerned, I am cured of it.
Does anybody of you know any real scientific stuff about GAS? I think it has to do with capitalism and consumerism. Basically it’s a shopping addiction. However, psychologists and psychiatrist say: only a person that suffers needs a cure. In the context of GAS this means that you constantly feel the need to have something new, and actually don’t have the money to get it.
I think the key is: if you are really into photography, you need good gear, thats out of question. But somewhere there is a limit. From a certain point your photography does not get better if you get “better”=more expensive gear.
At the moment I am perfectly happy with my gear, actually I am more than happy and if I go for a photo hike many times I have the problem that I cannot choose which lens I should use. I mean, I have the laowa 7.5mm, the olympus 8-25mm and another olympus 12mm, but most of the time I use the 12-45mm.
Since some time I have two pro lenses and they are really much better than the non pro lenses. Some time ago I was thinking about getting the 17mm/1.2, but even though image quality is probably really good with that lens, I think it would be too inflexible for landscape photography. Another possibility would be a 40-150/4.0, but I already have the 40-150/4-5.6 and I hardly ever use it.
I think I am the only person I know who got cured from GAS. There are many photographers among my friends and I think all of them suffer from GAS. What several of them experienced: they changed their equipment and regretted it because the new equipment turned out to be worse than the old one.
I think in my case it’s better to spend my money for journeys during which I actually use a tiny fraction of my equipment. But right now I cannot travel and even if I could I don’t have the desire to make very expensive journeys.
I live in a cheap shared apartment. I have some money but it’s not enough to move into a own apartment. But I’m more or less ok with living in a shared apartment.


A lot of it seems to stem from people’s feelings of inadequacy and overall unhappiness so they tend to compensate wherever they can. When it comes to art you don’t see it only in Photography but also for example with guitar players and other musicians. If only I had that guitar I could play X song, or get that tone. Photographers are the same, if only I had that focal length my photos would be better in X or Y. And while there are a ton of photographers who create art with the most modern cameras, there are also those who use older gear.

How many loan companies advertise to people with: “If you had 25000€ you could buy your dream car and take your dream vacation”. I think this has been ingrained in people for quite some time, and keeps getting worse.

Popular media doesn’t teach people to appreciate and make do with what they have (neither do parents in a lot of places), they always lack something and need something else etc, you can see it everywhere. Companies capitalize on peoples fear of missing out.

I believe Youtubers and a lot of article writers exacerbate this problem greatly. All the popular channels(photography and any kind of hardware) have videos like: This camera will change your life! You must have this lens. My dream (insert name of object). This only increases people’s want.
Steve O’Nions is a cool channel focused more on photography and less on gear, do recommend.

That said not everyone falls into this, if you have throw away money and don’t do it all the time, buying new gear even if you don’t have use for it or think it will make you a better photog is fine in my opinion, just needs strong moderation from yourself.

This is only my opinion :slight_smile:

My GAS currently is the X-H2, Viltrox 75mm 1.2 and the Tamron 17-70.


@hatsnp X-H2 or X-H2s?
And why the Viltrox 75/1.2? Because of the bouquet?

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Undecided by leaning towards X-H2 (more megapixels for birds and macro), but probably not going to happen this year, only if my X-T3 dies :smiley:

Sometimes a portrait lens would be useful for family photos, of course it’s pure GAS since the XF35mmf2 I have works perfectly fine for this 80% of the time :slight_smile: Either the Viltrox or the cheaper Sigma 56mm.