The Most Dangerous Thread Ever!

What’s more dangerous to us than GAS - the Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

This is a self help thread for anyone suffering under GAS. Post your temptations here and see for yourself, how ridiculous it would be to buy this stuff. Don’t buy it - and if you fail, post the results here to draw the others with you into the abyss.

If you read any further, it’s your own risk. Give your credit card to a good friend and if you are married, get a divorce lawyer on retainer. If you have never experienced GAS, you will if you read on!

You have been warned!


My Dear Sir!

suffering under GAS

I severely object. Suffering? Suffer?
How about all of us that enjoy having this Syndrome?

Wonderingly Yours,
Claes in Lund, Sweden


A not to be named Gentleman from Sweden pointed me to the Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe.

You look like an Anteater, but the images are stunning. And the price is not even double of a 105mm/2.8.

And now there is an other one: The astrHori 18mm Macro. Same principle, in the 3 digits (€), but luckily for APS-C. And I gave in to the FullFrameGAS.

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It’s a guilty pleasure, isn’t it?

My next purchase will likely be a new tripod, a Really Right Stuff. :money_mouth_face:

@paperdigits Que? A tripod for USD 1645??? Then it really must be the right stuff…

Yes :upside_down_face:

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Whow, that thing is fitting for this thread.

The Nikon Z system is mighty tempting to me. I’m just glad they haven’t yet built the perfect lens for me, otherwise my wallet might lose weight before too long.

Well, and I’d like to try out a Pixii, but that’s priced so far beyond reason…

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I dunno I’ve been through a bunch of tripods and I’m tired of buying them

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My Manfrotto is still keeping up. But it is heavy…

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I have the Z6II, really nice. No Z Lens up to now, I got some F-lenses, and the adapter does even work with glass from the 80es.

Pixii is contagious. Just 2700€, half a Leica, twice a X100. The right thing for this thread.

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Wow. I don’t have the subject matter nor skill worthy of that strata… :slight_smile:

35 or 50 mm Z f1.8 are both excellent.

I have the 50mm/1.8 in F and for 35mm I take the X100V. But the 35mm looks really promising….

Neither have most of the customers…. :grinning: (me included)

True that.

Given the average lifetime of a tripod even the “expensive” ones are dirt cheap compared to other gear. A good tripod will last 20 years easily.

My advice to fresh photographers is: borrow a tripod or two from someone with a stack of them, use them and find out what annoys you. Then take 1k (€ or $) and buy a tripod. Then take another 1k and buy one or two heads and some adapter plates. If there is something left just enjoy it. If it costs more, well, so be it.

PS: I got myself a nice FLM with 3 sections that goes up to 180cm while weighing only 1,25kg - unusual combo, so even FLM discontinued that line, but it solves all the reasons I have for a tripod: speed in handling, reasonable height and low weight.

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The Nikon Z8 …

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Absolutely not the same in either case :slight_smile:

Yes, I looked up the 50mm, this is dangerous……

Did I mention that I and a lot of others teachers worked mandatory overtime for two years in the early 2000’s? To be given back in less work before retirement? And that we were not compensated because they conveniently lost the papers about it? And that we won the lawsuit and I will get a good chunk of extra money soon? This is dangerous here……