The Orangish Day and The Greenish Plant


It’s captured with my Xioami Redmi 9C, and captured on Open Camera and Adobe Lightroom. This plant leaves are basically orange and this should be green, as green is clean. (8.8 MB)

Orange-Plant © 2021 by Arpit Dutt is licensed under CC BY 4.0


It’s captured with my Xioami Redmi 9C, and captured on Open Camera and Adobe Lightroom. This plant leaves are green and this should be orange, as the day is orangish today in my location. (8.9 MB)

Green-Plant © 2021 by Arpit Dutt is licensed under CC BY 4.0

(The original files were having some problems, so it was changed later)

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The below reply answers the original question and not the changed/edited one seen above…

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Not sure why this happened.

If I load this image into RawTherapee the leaves are green out-of-the-box. Even if I let RawTherapee’s white balance do an automatic temperature correlation or a RGB grey they still are green (a bit warmer and the RGB one showns a noticeable difference in the red curtains).

This is camera WB, some reconstruction and haze removal only:

This image has some issues that might confuse automated tools: Three blown out parts, a cyan window and a lot of haze.

Just had a look in darktable: Also shows green leaves out-of-the-box. They become even more intense/colourful when using the auto picker.

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I don’t even know why this happened, but when I captured the raw, it first showed me a very sudden image preview with green leaves and when it loaded the image fully, it showed me the orange leaves, I suspect lightroom on my smartphone is doing something, because I reinstalled lightroom almost 6 times to make it just sign in to my adobe account.

I will capture a image of a green plant and then edit the post and tell people to make the leaves orange, because it could take time until I figure out what happened to lightroom.

Don’t replace the original image and text you posted with another one. It will make the answer(s) look kinda strange, doesn’t it

Add to the original post or create a new reply. and revert to the original.


I added this to the original post.

I am a little confused. What problem is to be solved? What are we going to do with the images above :thinking: ?

Same here.

I thought that the original image showed the problem: Plant being rendered orange by camera and/or editor while the rest is shown (mostly) correctly.

About the second image: I really doubt, if the surrounding/incoming light is orange(-ish), that only the green leaves would show up as orange and not the rest of the scene. The complete image being shown as neutral (=colour corrected) is the result of the camera setting and WB intelligence of the editor used.

I still don’t know what happened, I will raise a new topic on this forum for asking if this has happened with others, or create a thread in adobe community. Right now I am reporting 2 bugs of lightroom, the color problem, and a crash of lightroom while opening the same image. And if I get some results on adobe community, I will tell you why it happened.

I have posted the thread on adobe community-

It sounds like it is a by product of how lightroom is working on his phone so not really a topic for this forum…