The owl hiding in the tree

Came across the owl hiding in a tree. It was far away, sun was directly behind the tree.

Any suggestions to avoid and/or cleanup white fog like quality in the photo will be appreciated.

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One eye open, one eye closed. Can’t trust the humans. :wink:


Was a hard one to edit but interesting shot

IMG_3838.CR2.xmp (23.8 KB)

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owl-hidiing-in-the-tree-IMG_3838.CR2.xmp (10.7 KB)
dt 3.8.1

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A tricky one to process! I added a layer, at 70% opacity, where I used auto-equalise, then merged the layers. The problem is that auto-equalise produces a non-contiguous spectrum. I defined the black point in “zone” one and added a peculiar curve for the highlights in “zone” ten. Unfortunately it has produced horrible effects - especially to the background. If I can find the time, I will have another try where I will separate the bird and the background into different images.

IMG_3838.CR2.xmp (18.8 KB)

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I am enjoying @Thomas_Do’s the most so far minus the sharpened noise when zoomed in.

My version…

IMG_3838.CR2.xmp (12.1 KB)

Attempt number three!

Took a second run at it…I think I might have actually exported my first one with an Adobergb profile by accident…can’t recall

I was tinkering around and have messed up something…

Here is the export

IMG_3838_01.CR2.xmp (17.8 KB)

Here is what I see on my screen…


Ah Not screwed up as such…its just with this image a good example of this issue that happens with DT that your export pipeline is the full processing and will output an exported image that matches what you see at 100%…so its faithful in that sense…the problem is your full screen preview can look much different due to scaling and the display pipeline. I have found on my system the full screen preview is a zoom of about 25%… so exporting with the image scaling set to 0.25 will give me a matching image that looks more like my full screen preview… as long as I don’t set it to high quality reprocessing and then it gets mess up wrt to the full screen displayed image…