The Stringy Lion

Had some time and motivation, so why not. :slight_smile:


Click here for Hirez

Stringy Lion


I like how the full res looks so different. Could be on display on a very large wall in a long narrow room. Nice source image too.

That was quick; thanks afre. Of course, I used G’MIC (anisotrophic smoothing followed by Stencil then duped and top layer Morphologically squeezed the lines narrower and blended back with the original. Result looks complicated but the execution was quite simple and very fast. I then flattened, duped and did auto-level on top layer set to value to brighten the result up a bit. :slight_smile:

I love the full resolution one!

The smaller version seen above looses too much of its grandeur in my opinion. Initially I though ‘Oh, that’s OK’, then read afre’s reply and looked at the full res version; Now that one is very nice indeed!

I am a voracious reader unlike the stringy lion. :rofl:

Funny how people see things different. Hi Res looks to me like digital nerves. Low Res looks more like fabric. I prefer Low Res, haha.

Thanks for the feedback, Jade_NL.

Yeah; I did an all line version which was my original intent for color, but that process took forever since my aged PC and skeltonize slow version function way too slow. lol

If you are curious, below’s the hirez result of that effort. :slight_smile: