The Swami (engraved)

This knew engraving technique (I call dynamic engraving) came about from creating my voronoi stipple renders. I did apply a more regular engraving technique for the background but it too is a bit different from the one used my G’MIC (though I ran the result through G’MIC’s Engrave for a better looking result). :slight_smile:


Just realized that I forgot to include the reference image.


You should laser cut the negative into a block and do some block prints!

Would make a good woodcut print, paperdigits. Not sure why the hirez link from flickr doesn’t show up here, but maybe if you click here, you can see if (for what it’s worth). :slight_smile:

No reason to start yet another thread. Used a similar engraving technique to create the mask used for one of my Resynthesizer targets.

Anyway, I call this one, “A View Above the Swami’s Plantation” lol



@lylejk Impressive patterns! The second one looks like embroidery. The source image is certainly eye catching and great for this showcase :slight_smile:. I wonder how it these effects would fare on other types of images.

Does sort of look like embroidering at this simulated depth. Suppose to be a corn field though. lolol


Broken link to image in topic post.

Flickr link is still valid, afre; maybe your ISP or your security settings is blocking the image. :slight_smile:

Hm… It shows up in mobile Firefox but not my desktop version so no net neutrality shenanigans.