The Wavelet Levels tool English documentation is online

After around a year and a half of hard work the English documentation for the Wavelet Levels tool in RawTherapee is finally online.

You’re invited to read it and start playing with that awesome tool, unique in the world of raw developers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank @jdc, @Wayne_Sutton, @Andy_Astbury1 and @paperdigits for their help. Without them writing this document would not have been possible. Thank you all!

And I want to make a special mention to @Wayne_Sutton, without whose skills the document wouldn’t have had the quality it has. Thanks a lot!


Sorry for not having replied for your proofreading requests. I think it looks great and hopefully it will help me to get over my fear of using the many options of the wavelet tool :wink:

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Great job! Thats one monster module. With this documentation I might stand a chance against it!


there is also an excellent video by @Andy_Astbury1 on the contrast levels module.


Far too kind Wayne, far too kind :smiley:
And I have to thank XavAL for his patience - it’s not easy teaching a teacher :rofl:


@XavAL Impressive work, Sir!
Softproof PM’ed.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Thank you to

For this huge work!

Now, with all this documentation, I hope I will not speak in a vacuum … when I talk about wavelets :slight_smile:

Thank you again



Good work folks.

The images took a while to load. I wonder if the image footprints could be reduced a tad…

good point!

Working on it! :blush:

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@afre: I think it should be a bit quicker now (I didn’t realize how many images there are in this document! :cold_sweat: ). I hope I haven’t screwed anything!

If the images should be even smaller in size, then they have to be compressed one by one, and that would take some time (that I don’t have right now).