They finished a new high resolution camera

The resolution of this camera could almost beat some Sony cameras :slight_smile:

Eh, I guess I’ll wait for the next model to come out out and buy this one used.

A Samsung phone can take better photos of the Moon :slight_smile:


any of the Siril devs already booked for a time slot?

Does darktable support the LSST raw files yet? :wink:

Maybe we should ask them for some sample files for ;D

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peta pixel has a video about it

@lock042 I am curious. does Siril work with it already? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The file if padded for 32-bits, the 18-bit sensor would yield almost 12GB per image. If your university pays into the LSST’s $30,000 annual program, apply to become one of their data scientist fellows needed to build the tools needed to extract the gravitational data.

The camera pixel size is fairly average for a CCD camera ~ 10 microns. It just has a lot of pixels. At the focal plane of the telescope, I read somewhere that a pixel will correspond to a field of view of about 0.1 arc sec. Not sure if that is correct or not. I would suspect the output files are just FITS format but I haven’t found any information on it.

That would be great, yes :). Would like to try ;).

Gonna need a bigger backpack to carry that lens in…