Things I can't find on Raw Therapee

many thanks, unfortunately i don’t have the cash for Lightroom, so I’m looking for a free alternative, i thought raw therapee would do the job

You really only need to post once, not multiple times on different threads. You need a development build of RT.

i post numerous times as i never get a response…time is running out to figure out how to do this…sorry i don’t know what this is, i did explain i’m not technical!!
You need a development build of RT.

You can see this post: RawTherapee - RawTherapee 5.9 (WIP) and Project Updates

sorry you keep giving these long tutorial texts - im not technical, i am just wanting simple steps, i already have raw therapee

Never get a response? As far as I see, this is your first time on this forum, which is the official support location for RawTherapee. So… not sure how you reached out before.

In any case, regarding your points:

Could you please describe what you seem to be missing? What should the tools do - briefly?

so…other forums in the past…!! sorry i don’t actually wish to deal with you.

@Thanatomanic is one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people in the RawTherapee community.

While I’m sorry that people on other forums haven’t been helpful, that doesn’t have anything to do with this forum.

If you can’t even clarify what you mean and what you’re looking for, its going to be hard to provide support.


And refusing to deal with someone who asks for clarification of what you mean, while giving pointers to possible solutions, is not going to motivate others to try and help.


i just felt straight away that i was attacked, i am brand new to this forum so in the past i have had to send loads of emails, or messages in forums , from that you’ll get a minority reply. So i did not know the set up with this forum, but obviously i peeved you off unintentionally. Then i was made out to be a liar - i was meaning other forums, i didn’t make that clear, i have Autism sometimes i can do the wrong things or not be clear…

I was thinking of deactivating but i will try once more and see how it goes.

To clarify what I am wanting to do=
i am wanting to photograph my paintings using the Colour Checker. Now the thing i have no idea about is how to use Raw Therapy or import the colour checker into R.T - I am v. ignorant, reading links/ tutorials can confuse me, im not a technical person, so all these terms and jargon i am lost. But i want to learn! i already have Raw Therapy downloaded…

i have seen links like TIP : How to use the X rite color checker passport - YouTube

so the steps to do this is -

  1. install software colour checker

  2. have image of colour checker open on RT

  3. click on following - FILE – EXPORT – XRITE – COLOUR CHECK PASSPORT – GIVE NAME – EXPORT IT – then it will process the profile – restart RT – GO TO DEVELOP MODULE – CAMERA CALIBRATION - on white balance you can go between adobe photoshop version and the new named profile and you’ll see a big difference in colour – click on “immitation shot” under “slide condition” – click on images sync and camera calibration is synched too – synchronise =all images transformed to correct colour

some of these things i can’t see on raw therapee it is a maze to me, remember i am not technical, i just want to learn the tools to be able to do this, a means to an end.

Hi @jsmith!

There’s a couple of things worth mentioning.

  1. Color correction (color science in general) is a complex topic that can become overwhelming quickly - particularly if you’re not reasonably well versed in the topic and some fundamentals first. Unfortunately there’s no quick and easy path to get versed - just study and working through it.
  2. The video you link is for Lightroom - I am not aware of a similar automated functionality in RawTherapee (please RT experts chime in here if I’m wrong).
  3. The tools in this case require some level of expertise to use effectively (we are a Free Software community and nobody has had the time yet to try and tackle automated profile creation from color checkers in the scene.

If you really need the automated workflow immediately, perhaps your best bet is to check out Lightroom - I think you can rent it for $10/month at the moment (in the US at least).

Also, as @paperdigits already stated, @Thanatomanic is one of the developers of the software and is likely one of your best bets at getting a solution to your problem…

@jsmith I think you may have ended up in the right place on the internet. We have a very active and helpful community for (open source) photography and processing.

I think I have already provided you with a solution for the question you have. Copied from here:

Lightroom seems to have a very easy way to apply a color calibration based on a Color Checker chart. RawTherapee cannot do this easily. You would first need to create a *.DCP file (this contains the color calibration information), and apply it to all photo’s taken under the same lighting conditions. As I said, to create the DCP file is not easy and requires external tools. This is explained in more detail on the RawPedia page I link to.

If you have obtained a DCP file, you should open your photo, go to the Colour tab, choose “Custom” under Color Management and look up your DCP file.

@patdavid Not for RawTherapee indeed, but I think darktable has this functionality built-in since a few versions ago. Pretty nifty, we might borrow it at some point :slight_smile:


thanks, i cannot afford lightroom, i will have to have free software so lightroom is out, so darktable seems to be one you’d recommend to import a colour profile then?

As you keep hammering on how un-technical you are, have you asked yourself whether you need a personalised camera profile, and if you feel you do need one, why you need it?

Getting a good shot of the reference card is not trivial. Using a bad shot means you’ll get a bad profile…

From your description, it seems you have fairly free access to the paintings in question.
I’d suggest you first try and use the white-balance possibilities of the colour passport, and check the results you get with that against the original. It’s quite possible that you don’t need a full personalised profile for your camera.

What you are asking about here isn’t just importing a profile in a program, you actually have to create that profile from a test shot made with your camera for it to be any use. RawTherapee can import a profile just fine, it just doesn’t have the autmated tools to create one.

Darktable does indeed have the option to create a profile from a test shot, but that only deals with the easy aspects of the job… And while I find it a great program, it is rather technical in its approach


Do keep in mind that people are often using forums in their spare time, and it may take time for people to respond. If you push them by posting that they have not responded, they will, as others have mentioned, be less likely to respond.

Some people do not log in here every day. Some people might not log in more than once per week. Others may be on vacation (for example, I’ve been out of town for two weeks, so haven’t logged in at pixls for quite some time).

I’ve profiled many cameras using dcamprof (free, mentioned elsewhere), so I know a few of the specific tricks for certain problems - but to be able to help you, you need to be clearer and more descriptive of what you need. Some people (including myself) are having trouble guessing exactly what it is you are trying to do. @Thanatomanic covered how to select an alternative profile if you already have one. If you DON’T have one, then one of the links @Thanatomanic provided in the other thread shows how to use RawTherapee and dcamprof to generate a profile for a camera if you have a ColorChecker. Be warned, dcamprof can be a bit difficult to learn and is a command-line-only interface. If you want a GUI, you need to either use X-Rite’s free software on Windows (be warned, it’s not particularly good) or unfortunately pay for Lumariver Profile Designer (same as dcamprof, but with a graphical interface)

@jsmith what camera are you using? Are you sure no profile already exists?

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thanks i’m receiving advice from someone at present on here about this.

Just an idea … wouldn’t it be precise enough to use the camera profile delivered with the software and only take a shot of a gray card in front of each painting to get the right white balance?

Strictly speaking, no. Because white balance does not account for specific hue differences in a way a calibration chart can.

Is it specific enough? Maybe. Probably even, except in really color critical work.