This 3D-printed DIY camera includes interchangeable lenses and sensor


…just imagine a completely open-source camera which can run your favourite RAW editor :slight_smile:
…or simply your favourite algorithms to get YOUR edits straight OOC.


Imagine having a raw histogram…


How much to print one and mail it to my address? :stuck_out_tongue:

Zeiss ZX1 has some type of Photoshop functionality. I am not sure that would be useful on a microscreen.
IMHO this type of camera is more suitable for technical imagery, where you connect to OpenCV or similar and get much flexible than with any off-the-shelf camera.

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Re: imaginings.

Look how much the Magic Lantern folks could do with the Canon firmware without getting help from the manufacturer and getting sued.

Now imagine if all that could be available in a camera plus everything else that could be done with an open camera, with the possibility of choosing memory and processing capabilities to fit a user’s capturing and image processing expectations. Imagine running G’MIC, OpenCV, RT, dt, Siril, etc., from the kit… and that it could be available to the masses.

Ha ha. I rarely ever dream at night, but this is a dream I can get behind.

I am with Sony, which IMHO feels like it’s not really designed with photography in mind. The older models (a7 i.e.) have ‘apps’ and there is an appstore, a random selection of extremely poorly designed apps that really nobody ever used.

Anyway, a fully open APS-C photographic camera would be a good seller I believe, and have lots of very useful apps in no time.

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I don’t even think it’d have to be open (sadly), but just some sort of basic scripting language would be amazing.

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It would not make sense on the small screen - but you could give it a USB-In and a HDMI-Out and have your photo editor up and running once you plug it into a big screen :slight_smile:

With smartphones and tablets being so common it’s not so clear to me that the camera should be the “computer”. Fuji does something like that though? You edit on the computer but processing is done on the connected camera?

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Maybe a full-fledged photo editor would be too much. But the ability to define your own .jpg processing directly in-camera would be something. A bit like the film simulations on Fuji, but more flexible.
Maybe something like a style that you define in your favorite RAW app, that somehow can be translated to a .jpg algo that your camera can apply.
Also, I was amazed what I could do on something as simple as a Canon Powershot from the 2000s with Magic Lantern, that sparks my imagination for the capabilities of a new camera :slight_smile:

Most cameras can do that already.

I am more interested in technical functions. As a Sony user, 2 examples come to my mind:

Focus Bracketing (No α5/6/7/9/1 has that)
EXIF setting for manual lenses (pity that darktable can’t add EXIF)

I am sure other people can think of many more functions that off-the-shelf cameras miss

This made me remember the pixii camera. The developers are open enough to taking in suggestions etc, but afaik nothing of the stack is out in the public. It could be a good potential for a camera with an open scripting language, or even open firmware where people can create their own.