This is the best focal length

I am sure you come to an agreement quickly


50mm. I didn’t watch the video.


Almost correct @paperdigits . the correct answer is 56/1.2 :wink:

wrong. The correct answer is 38mm.

If you had to choose one focal length (35mm equivalent) and use nothing else for the rest of your lives, which would you choose? For me it’d probably be 100mm.

I’d choose a zoom. :crazy_face:


OK, your zoom has broken. At what focal length would you prefer it to lock?

No preference. I don’t tend to shoot at the same focal length. I work in certain ranges but that’s partially a reflection of the lenses I have, not preference. For example, a lot of my shots are between ~24-60mm and ~90-200mm, but by no means all.

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one lens: 35mm
second lens: 100mm macro

For m43 (my current system):
One lens: Panasonic Leica 15mm f1.7
Second lens: m.Zuiko 60mm f2.8 macro

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Actually, I would be happy to have whatever focal length between 35mm and, say, 100mm (equivalent). [Or maybe even 300mm, but then that’s a very expensive zoom which I never had :wink:]

I would treat it as an opportunity to see the world a different way.

Zooms are great, but since they are so convenient they tempt the photographer to use zoom for composition. Whereas if you “zoom with your feet”, changing the perspective is not more effort. Even if someone owns a great zoom lens, occasionally switching to a prime (of any focal length) is refreshing.

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If you use a zoom, you can figure out your favourite focal length very easily by looking at what you actually shoot at most of the time


If I had to choose, I’d pick 40mm (FF-eq). But I’m glad I don’t have to choose.


of course i’m joking, however I normally use short to normal focal lengths, because I shoot everyday life scenes (family, friends, parties, dinners, etc.). A 300mm I wouldn’t know what to do with.

the proper lens for social distancing photography


I also use m43 and I love that lens.

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Hm. I use mine at 4 metres mostly. (Shooting dragonflies in flight - I guess I can’t cacth COVID-19 from themm though)

This video has stimulated an interesting topic. But the video has only acting value. These two animators only stimulate the desire for better and better technology, which of course should be bought. They are a well-rehearsed team, can perform very eloquently and know well that the ratings live strongly from their apparent disputes.
The question about the best focal length is just as absurd as the question about the best tool: hammer, pliers or saw. The question of what to use them for determines the choice.
But, I must admit, it’s also fun to argue about these silly questions.

If this argument causes someone to use their equipment more consciously, then the fun was worth it.


You are all wrong, it’s 80 mm!

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After practising a lot on a m4/3 with a speed booster (reducing crop factor to 1.5x) a with 2 primes :

  • a rather fast 50mm (75mm on my old system) mainly used for portrait and low light situations, and
  • a 28mm (42mm on my old system)

I always felt that I still needed something wider and ended up doing a lot of stitching.

Now that I switched to full-frame I find that the 28mm is a little too wide for what I usually aim for… so I guess my sweet spot would be something like 35mm

If someone know how to have a good deal on a jena 28mm 2.4 I think I’d really like to try out this theory with this lens or if anybody have an affordable 35mm lens he would recommand, I’d really like to hear about your advises !

Actual lens :
50mm 1.7 Yashica auto yashinon-dx
28mm 2.8 Yashica auto yashinon dx
Both bought for 40€~50€ 10 years ago

PS : I really like their videos, always professional , informative and funny :slight_smile: