Three suggestions to improve ART... or not.

  1. I think a tool to preserve burned zones next to the exposure tool would be very interesting. And may be a rudimentary “Lift Shadows”. (Yes, i know just behind there is a tonal range control, but i am thinking about easy and speed just next to Exposure)

  2. I know you can control the intensity/opacity of a tool with a mask in the local adjustments zone… but it would be very ergonomic to have a slider in the first place to control it. One adjustment, the first slider “opacity/intensity…or whatever name” in first place. The same with all tools in that zone.

  3. I have forgotten… :slight_smile: … but very excited about CTL capacities. I must confess i can´t code or translate DCTLs to CTLs but i think it is a great tool if there is people who can do it. You can expand ART without changing its pilosophy… i am thinking in substractive saturation, more specific tools, tools in LAB mode…

Thanks for reading and sorry about my english

Trying to answer:

  1. What do you mean by “preserve burned zones”? Sorry I don’t understand… Can you elaborate?

  2. You can use the final adjustment curve in the masks for this, just pull down the top-right point of the curve. I realize a slider migh be handy, but in the meantime this is what you can do (and the advantage is that it’s already there :slight_smile:

  3. You can play with the scripts in this repository and see if there’s something that you like… Note though that they are experimental and might change without notice (and some of them are a bit crappy to be honest)

  1. Muy fault… I was thinking in a “Highlights recover” slider.

  2. Yes, or with other mask. I know. It IS the way i use It. Its an ergonomic suggestion only. I think It would be very useful, for example, if you apply luts to mimic certain film caractheristics and you want to refine their intensity or to speed up different combinations with other tools without scrolling down to the masks.

  3. I have tried all of them. And your translation of the Film Density Ofx DCTL. I am very interested in density, substractive saturation and different ways of manage the color. I am playing justo now with two luts and Density CTL. I LOVE the idea of CTLs.

I suposse that Pilosophy of ART is not to be a second very technical Rawtherapee, and maybe suggesting two or there sliders more IS not the best idea, but i think those would speed and make more easy the use of certain tools. Just a suggestion.

Thanks!! And good work!