Three Traffic Cones

Now that LibRaw has preliminary support for floating-point DNGs I added support for that in Filmulator (not yet available because I’m trying to get LibRaw to build on Windows) and had some fun with HDR brackets with HDRMerge.

On my way home from work I found these three traffic cones lit by the evening sun, pulled out my tabletop tripod, and framed this 5-shot bracket.

It’s very interesting having absolutely clean shadows; I took advantage by turning Drama all the way up.


I like how the “little” cone is slightly askew. The colors look really natural, filmulator gives nice results on an HDR image!


libraw people like old build tools. I never had success with configure way on MSYS2. So I use the unofficial cmake way to build it and moreover it is much faster. The drawback is you have to copy a libraw.pc and a libraw_r.pc written by hand if you want to use pkgconfig.