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(Franz Metcalf) #1

Hi all,

Not sure if this is a bug or simply user error, but my thumbnails are not scaling to the size of the spaces RT5 is leaving for them. I’ve played around with the Preferences>File Browser, but haven’t managed to make any difference in the sizing.

Am I missing something or should I fill out a bug report?


(Mica) #2

I have this as well, but it seems to be because the size of the embedded jpeg in my raw file is tiny. Happens in geeqie as well.


I guess you are using a hires monitor.

You can increase the thumbnail size by clicking on the +/- buttons. If this is not enough, increase the thumbnail size by multiplier of 2 (or more) and clear the thumbnails.

(Franz Metcalf) #4

TooWaBoo et al.,

Thanks for the quick reply. Duh, the -/+ buttons! So, I’ve adjusted those, cleared the cache, quit, and experimented with removing the left and right panes (histogram/history and editing tools), and the thumbnails have indeed grown larger (especially with the cache clearing, thank you!). But their corresponding spaces have grow larger apace. It still seems as if the thumbnails are around 1/4 the size of what they should be. Note in the photo below how the crops are seemingly placed where they should be if the thumbnails were much larger. (The crops are fine in the editing window and in jpg outputs, btw.)

I believe something (in addition to my ignorance) is still impeding proper display here.



What I forgott to say is that RT is not fully compatible with hires monitor.
Do you have one?

(Franz Metcalf) #6

Hi paperdigits,

I checked and the embedded “Composite:PreviewImage” jpgs in my ORF files are 3200x2400 so that’s plenty big to display properly. But the embedded “MakerNotes:ThumbnailImage” jpgs are only 160x120. I wonder if RT5 is using the latter to create my thumbnails. Then I could be having the problem you’re having.

(Franz Metcalf) #7

Yes, TooWaBoo,I have a MacBookPro with a retina display, so that may limit RT5’s ability to display correctly for me. I don’t recall this problem with RT4.2, though.


I don’t know if this is a RT or Gtk issue. I only know that the developer are aware of this problem and it isn’t easy to fix.

(Ricardo) #10

Same problem here in version 5.1:

System Software Overview:
System Version: OS X 10.11.6 (15G1510)
Kernel Version: Darwin 15.6.0

(Hermann-Josef) #11


had the same problem and Heckflosse pointed out, what my problem was here.