Thumbnails sort?

4/13/17. Ok I’ll propound a top-leve technical question: is there a way to set the sort order for the rawtherapee thumbnails?

jgo –

I thought I’d revive an old question rather than set up a thread of my own.

Is there really no way to sort by date/time in RT?? I usually sort my files like that in all the other raw converters I use, and then when I switch to RT it’s inconvenient to look at a different sorting order, when the folder is a collection of images from various cameras.

Sorting has not been implemented.

OK. I thought I was going blind when one reviewer of the new RT 5.5 mentioned you can sort by date, but I couldn’t find it.

Also new to RT but I would really like an enhancement to be able to sort the thumbnails by Exif date. My photo files are in hierarchical folders by subject, going back for 20 years. Different cameras, different file names, currently sorts by file name only unless there is something I am missing. I want to see the most recent photos on top because those are the ones I would want to process.