tif files created in GIMP cannot be viewed in Windows 11

I have saved multiple screenshots to .tif images in GIMP. Now some are not able to be viewed in Windows 11 either by the photo ap or Windows Photo Viewer. The images that are viewable have thumbnails appearing with the view option “Extra large icons”. Microsoft tech support was unable to solve the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks loads.

What kind of Tif… you could post one… integer or floating point??

I have just installed GiIMP version 10.34 replacing version 10.32. All of the tif images not able to be viewed in Windows 11, when re-saved in GIMP version 10.34 are now viewable in Windows 11. That is my work-around. I have some 166 tif file images I need to re-save in GIMP version 10.34 in order to view these images in Windows 11.

Yes, there was indeed a bug in 2.10.32 - TIFFs were saved as BigTIFF type by default, which are mostly not readable by other software: TIFF Export Creates BigTIFF Files With Limited Compatibility Even With Little Images (#8339) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab