Tiff 32 Bit Float Export reduces bit depth?

Hello everyone!

I am relatively new to RawTherapee and have a question about the ‘Tiff 32 Bit Float’ export option.

My plan is to work on the RAW files of bracketed photos in RawTherapee and later stitch them together to a 360° HDR using PTGui.
So I adjust the White Balance and remove Chromatic Aberration on one photo in RawTherapee, copy-paste the changes onto every photo that I need for the brackets and export every photo as an uncompressed 32 Bit Float TIFF.

I stitch them together in PTGui and everything seemed fine but when ich checked for the highlights in the HDR I noticed that the bit depth of the originals was pretty much gone.
Does the uncompressed TIFF Export reduce bit depth even if I select 32 Bit Float Export?

I tried again to work with the original RAW files in PTGui and then everything worked fine, so I’m definitely doing something wrong in RawTherapee.

Thanks a lot for your help!


I am not sure, but perhaps this might assist?


Claes in Lund, Schweden

Clipping and bit depth are not necessarily related.

I guess you need to check the export profile, you want the linear “unclipped” one when exporting to float.


Hi @Schnagn,

I’ve documented my current RT 32b workflow here.


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