Tilable Rotation image size problem

In Arrays & Tiles > Tilable Rotation, is there a limit to the size?

No preview (Invalid image size), and when clicked OK, I got this error (middle of the screenshot below), I tried to check the link given in G’MIC > site is under maintenance.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot my setup > G’MIC 3.2.6, Ubuntu-MATE 20.04.6, GIMP 2.10.34 PPA from Panda Jim
Thanks for reading :grin:

The link does exist in Wayback Machine → Create rotated tileable patterns [peteryu.ca] .

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Thanks @Reptorian for the link, I did find another link on that page > New filter : 'Tileable rotation'. | G'MIC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It seems there is no size limitation (good thing :wink: ), but image should be an absolute perfect square or we got the wrong size message.

Could it be possible to write it in G’MIC, for people to know that they need a square image for the filter to work? Something like below or above the link given in G’MIC?
maybe something like:
WARNING: This filter works only with square images.

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Um… it’s not about the square image, by re-opening G’MIC for a different filter, it worked with an image size of 745x596, definitively not a square image…

Can some-one knows the ratio if ratio or the different ratios of the WxH?

As actually I think for the end user it’s a bit like tossing a coin to get head or tail to not have the “wrong image size” (at least for me) :wink:

To be honest, a recode of the filter is to be in order. Likely in my opinion. I have some ideas though I would need to understand the math behind the effect.

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Thanks @Reptorian for your answer, have a great day.