Time to Uninstall RT Utterly?

Hi All,

Sorry to be so generic, but RT has gone from crashing now and then in earlier versions, to normally crashing during editing of the first opened photo in 5.9, to crashing instantly on opening with the latest Mac build. I am not looking for specific advice in fixing this, as I am not being specific in this post. I imagine that the problem is on my end. Other Mac folks are using 5.9 just fine.

I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times. It’s time to get more radical. I am willing to lose all my old processing profiles, camera profiles, everything. I can recreate them faster than dealing with this situation. Even just clicking on sliders usually results in them slowly sliding several seconds after I let them go. (This looks kind of cool, but is deeply dysfunctional.) Something is just horribly wrong.

So, what do I need to do to start fresh with RT and give it a chance? Is everything in one place or are there multiple folders to trash? It’s either that or shopping for Capture One or DxO or something and I really don’t want to do that. And not just because of the cost: I really support the Creative Commons ideal (I’ve been an editor at an open access diamond journal for twenty years).

Help me stay on the team! Thanks.

Sounds like your config file might be damaged. Exit RT and rename the config file and then restart and see if the issue persists. Look here for more info on the config file



Thanks for this most alluring suggestion. I will try it this afternoon. Also thanks for the link: knowing those file paths will allow me to go one step at a time, rather than burning everything down.

Good news: RT is still laggy, but it’s not crashing.

Many thanks to AdmFubar. Perhaps everything is not fubar!


More recently in macos options folder has been located within ~/Library/Containers/RawTherapee
That container can be deleted.
I would encourage you to try out the 5.10 beta test series at https://kd6kxr.github.io/rt59

Thanks, I am happy to try out the 5.10 beta. I do note that the file in the folder labeled 5.10 still says it is 5.9.448. It also crashes on attempted opening for me.

Were you able to generate any crash report?

No, but I’ll do it again now! Stay tuned…

Okay, I’ve submitted a report at Github. Hope that’s helpful.