Time Zone Funsies

“Funsies” because the title is too short for “civilized discussion”.

Where are you from? In which time zone(s) do you reside? It would be neat to see who travels or works across zones regularly. Bonus if your residence or workplace is physically split among zones.

I am originally from UTC+8 and currently reside in UTC-5 and UTC-4 (DST). In my opinion, DST is okay despite the annoyance of having to switch back and forth every year.

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I’m in UTC-5 US Central CDT. During the fall and winter, it is UTC-6 CST, unless they change the rules, which is being considered. :roll_eyes:

For my part, I prefer standard time to DST. I prefer noon to be at around 12 o’clock and for it to become light in the morning and dark during the evening.

CET (or CEST in summer), so UTC+1 or UTC+2

And I hate this DST stuff, give me normal (=“winter”) time year long.

@afre : Your UTC+8 is that DST compensated :rofl:

EDIT: Great time/date/zone related web site: time and date

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UTC-6, Mountain Daylight Time (as of today).

I keep South Pole time and UTC on my computer clock, South Pole to keep track of my son who’s down there for the winter, and UTC because it’s a reference in a lot of things like aviation, and it’s a good sense-of-situation for all you folks in Europe.

It’s interesting to watch the posting patterns on various fora, shows where most folks live. For me, pixls.us dies out in the early evening, as Europe drops into the solid night, and leaves folk like @afre and I to catch up with their day.

South Pole has been interesting; they sit at the convergence of all time zones, so to speak, and could realistically choose any of them. They choose New Zealand, because their logistics chain runs through Christchurch NZ and McMurdo Station. My son is currently working a split-shift, so he can work with the IT support in Centennial, CO, USA during his very-early morning, then be available for local stuff for the later part of his day. Oh, to be young again… :smiley:


I’m at UTC-3 but solar noon happens close to 14hs, maybe that counts as “split among zones” :slight_smile:

Argentina has a time zone that is maybe one place to the west than it should, and I live on the western edge of the country. We tried summer time some years ago and living in UTC-2 here was funny, you could actually fit a second life after work as sunset was around 22:30 :roll_eyes:

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UTC-4 (DST) right now, UTC-5 in the winter. I despise the switching back and forth between standard time and DST. My preference would be to stick with DST. There is more time to do things after work, and getting up for a sunrise is less of a shock to the system. With standard time, the sun sets at 16:42 at the winter solstice. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No DST there.

How many hops is that?
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I’m in UTC-8, I think -7 DST right now. I hate DST.

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I grew up in Budapest, Hungary; UTC+1/+2. In 2017, I moved to Zürich, Switzerlan; same time zone.
I actually love DST.

In Hungary, during the summer (UTC+2), the earliest sunrise is as early as 4:45. Between late April and early August, it’s earlier than 5:30. If DST were abolished and Hungary stayed in winter time (UTC+1) permanently, this would mean the Sun would rise before 4:30 during that period, with the earliest sunrise at 3:45, which is quite crazy. On the other hand, If Hungary permanently switched to UTC+2, the sun would rise after 8:00 from late November till early February; the latest sunrise shifting from 7:31 to 8:31. Currently, during winter, the sun sets rather early, as early as 15:52 in mid-December (with UTC+1); UTC+2 would at least give more sunlight in the afternoons, at the cost of no sunlight in the mornings (kids usually start school at 8:00, or 7:10 if they have early sessions).

In Zürich, during summer the earliest sunrise is at 5:30; with winter time, this would shift to 4:30, which is OK-ish (a bit earlier than the earliest Hungarian sunrise). The latest time the sun rises is around 8:12 here, which makes winter mornings quite gloomy. Permanently switching to summer time would push that to 9:12, which would be very bad, I think.

now: ‘2021-07-10 16:42:16 EDT (-0400)’
‘Daylight Savings Time.’ Meh. The amount of daylight is the same either way, just shifted, which may please some but annoys me. And spring/fall to-ing and fro-ing appears to cause accident rate spikes — particularly the ‘spring forward’ adjustment where an hour effectively drops from the day.

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The counter-argument is that if the sun sets later in the winter (or earlier in the summer), depending on the direction of the switch if DST is abandoned, you may get more accidents because of the darkness. I guess we’ll see if that is a valid argument.

[ I am an absolute tragic for The Voyage Home ]

UTC+10 - AEST - no DST ever happens for the sunshine state of Australia.

I had a webinar together with participants at UTC+12, UTC+9.5 and UTC+8 last Tuesday … it makes for interesting takes on when is appropriate for a mealtime break.

I’m in UTC+1 or 2 (DST now), and I feel we need to shift a timezone up (we are east in the timezone). It gets light at 3.30am, and dark at 22.30, better to have this at 4.30am and 23.30. In the winter it gets dark at 15.30, I would prefer 16.30.

UTC+2 here. Unfortunately we are doing this DST thing as well.

I hate it as well, but please, give me “summer” time throughout the year. For the reasons @elGordo mentioned. In the morning I am going to work or sleeping, so no reason for sun light. But the short evenings in winter are a pity. But probably I will change my mind soon: It’s my son’s first year in school and it starts at 7:45am (which is a crime).

What I dislike even more is that DST start and end differs depending on the country. I am working a lot with US colleagues, and, two times a year, there are always these couple of weeks in between where you don’t know what’s going on. Coordinating meetings in these weeks is close to impossible.

UTC-7 Currently Pacific Daylight Time. Born and raised. Our state has recently voted to authorize our state legislature to switch to permanent non-switcheroo time. I guess it’s pending coordination with other states.
Also take occasional residence in UTC+7 Indochina Time.

For those in the European Union, have a look at this:


84% of the Europeans that responded are in favour of ending it. Not sure when this is actually going to happen and in which form.

There seems to be a roughly even split between winter and summer time lovers. I also heard/read somewhere (sorry, can’t track it down) that we might go sit in between, so UTC+1.5.

You always end up with pros and cons. I live on the western edge of CEST, which is a rather different experience then someone that lives at the eastern edge of the same TZ.

Human well-being should be at the core of this decision, though, and not some reason that favours economics.

Oh well, I am working a lot with colleagues in India as well … No, please not 1.5.

Yes, fully agree.

There is a lot of evidence that social requirements such as school start in the morning, expected work time etc. does not really suit to the physiological requirements of people. Our whole society tends towards getting up early, people that are getting up early (called “lark” in germany) are associated with positive characteristics. On the other hand, ”later” people (called “owl” in germany) are associated with negative characteristics. However:

(unfortunately only available in german language, but it’s easy to understand anyway)

Given the statistical distribution, based on studies, it seems that almost everybody is an owl, compared to the social requirements. Weird.

I have heard lark and owl before in other languages or similar expressions. I am definitely not a morning or noon person: an owl through and through.