Timeless graffiti in Genoa

Here are two from the jpg using gThumb curve, then adding Uniform+curve+saturation. In the original, I originally saw the overpass as the side of a building next to the muraled ones, which need masking.

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Never used gThumb as an image editing tool. Thanks for the tip.

Not sure where this will appear. I think Jean-Marc_Dignejmdigne’s fresco and my second underpass might show the most detail, if combined.


@anon42681393 For some reason gThumb is where I started going for psychedelic with curves.

It seems like an interface bug that replies to a reply go at the bottom of the page, and now I see a complaint about how I’m doing it.

Strict chronological order is how a forum works, that’s why its important to quote replies and use @'s to establish context @phobrain

_DSC6863.NEF.xmp (10.2 KB)


@lightlover Looking at your elaboration I begin to doubt my initial choices. Perhaps there was really no need to ensure that the areas in light and the shaded areas had a similar exposure. I really like your version, I feel it mine, if you understand what I mean.

No shadows, no party.!
I think that if you open the shadows too much, the result is a flat Image. Maybe nice colors in isolation, but overall too flat. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree 100%.
And BTW, your edits are always interesting.

My fun in GIMP

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