Tiny LBB build Question

Thx so much for the work on this!! Amazing! RPI newbie here

I had a idea to make a tiny (smallest I can go) LBB using a RPI zero and the INTERNAL SAVE script.

so I think I can use a 256gb micro SD card w Raspbian and use LBB to save pics to the micro SD card

I think I can also use the single micro USB port (RPI zero) to connect a SD card reader, for PIC INPUT

I think, I then, do not need a USB hub on top and thus its smaller and simpler.

I would then hard wire a SD card reader to RPI zero (using the USB pads on bottom of board), so card reader is housed inside.
I would add LIPO and USB recharge power and CAD and Print a case for it.

I would make it as simple to make as possible and post STL files once done.

do you think I can also have 256gb micro card with Raspbian lite??

** yes I know there is limitations to this idea, and 256gb micro is bad value, I will make a FAST RPI4 version later for when I want to dump lots of video…but for now, brief is “as small as I can go”**

do you think it would work???

thx again for your help!!


Hello, and welcome to the PIXLS.US forum!

Raspbian Lite should handle a 256GB microSD card. Also, you might check a similar project by Paul Samuels (Little Backup Box September 2019 update) for inspiration and ideas.

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thx so much, just pick up the book to learn…:slight_smile:
thx again!!


Thank you for buying the book! I hope you’ll find it useful.

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the books is GREAT!! wow!

so I had my first go…on a zero, non wifi

I started with a different OS ‘nobs’ and over USB got in via shh…I even got it to connect to the network, wow, go me…I managed to ping something…this shows me its connected…

now, this is where I got stopped, I entered the ‘çurl’ install command, and got a odd responce,

“curl: 60 SSL certificate problem” certificate is not yet valid.

maybe I can’t use nobs, but did not look like this issue.,…anyway…anyidea of next step?? install the RAS lite??

thx again!!

You must use Raspbian Lite. The curl -sSL https://is.gd/littlebackupbox | bash command should work.

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thanks!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

OK go installed
Raspbian Buster Lite

got in via SSH…but same issue as above
“curl: 60 SSL certificate problem” certificate is not yet valid.

I will keep trying stuff, but any ideas now??

do I have wrong version of OS??

thx again!!

I’d say check and make sure your date and time are set correctly. The raspberry pi doesn’t have a CMOS to keep time while it is powered off. But that’s just a guess :slight_smile:


BOOM, we have a WINNER!!

thx so much!! onwards I will go…:slight_smile:

OK so got it installed, got thru to final page where it tells you to turn ON i2c, and re-boot

I re-booted…no LED heartbeat…tried to SSH back in via USB and now, PuTTy tells me “host does not exsit”

anyway, its installed I think…will play more when I get home after work…:slight_smile:

getting STAT lights now, looks to be working, SWEET!!..but think enabling i2c has killed my SSH connection via USB, I think I will have to SSH in another way to change default boot up script… all good learning, thx again!!

maybe after installing the default host name has changed??? can someone please confirm the host name for SSH after install, thx so much!!

OPPS I forgot to re-enable SHH after install…all done…YEAH!! thx for the help, and newbys, set TIME first, before install curl command


That’s a super useful thing to know. Thanks, Mica!

so please where do I find the files, that are saved when saved using the internal save script??

can’t see them on the micro SD card

also would the ‘camera back up script’, save the images to the same place on the internal micro SD card?

thx again

The Internal Backup script saves the content in the /home/pi/BACKUP directory.

also would the ‘camera back up script’, save the images to the same place on the internal micro SD card?

Yes: /home/pi/BACKUP/[camera-model]

so this is not on the root of the micro SD card i take it?? Please how would I find this directory??

In your ssh session, type cd /home/pi/BACKUP

thx so much for the help, I am in the SSH, and now see I am in the backup directory…but how / what commands do I use to see the PICS that are saved to the card??? using internal back up and camera backup scripts…I thought it would be saved to the SD card, like normal…not the case here as I found out…

just confused on how to ‘get’ the saved files…

I am sure this thread will prove usefull to other new users…:slight_smile: