Titlebar and window decorations with Gnome and Wayland

How to get the title bar and window decorations look like they fit with adwaita when using Wayland?

Running under X-Org, I have it looking just fine. I’ve installed adw-gtk-dark and that takes care of all other non-native appsm but RawTherapee won’t play nice. When running under wayland the title bar looks a little off (different shading, and different corner radius) and the window decorations are squared instead of round like basically every other app looks.

Screenshot from 2024-06-29 21-38-25

Nobody is using Wayland because Wayland doesn’t have the features that color managed applications need, so you’re going to find rough edges everywhere.:upside_down_face:

Now that’s quite the overstatement! Plenty people are.

Apparently nvidia-555 fixed a lot of graphics issues, including colour management.

Sorry but the issue with color management is far beyond a video driver issue.

That said, what exactly are you finding to be the issue?

Because from the little testing that I did (I still run X) colour management seems to work on wayland. I mean I can go into the Colour Settings and apply my .icc profile just fine. Sure, it takes a few clicks for it to actually have any effect, but once it does, I see no difference from X.

Yes, that’s half of it. You need to be able to run a calibration program, generate the profile, then load that profile.

There is a thread here that is like 1,000 posts with all the gory details.

The short of it is that the devs say they’re working on it, but it isn’t there. Hopefully soon, its only been six years since the conversation started here.