To all Swedish forumers


Glöm inte att fira den stora dagen med en massipantåta!

Claes i Lund

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(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Ah, dags att kalla mommo o moffa o famo o faffa.


So, you Swedes, is this true?


Looks like an inflated raviolo…

(Mica) #5

According to google translate, you’ve said “Don’t forget to celebrate the big day with a pantyhose!” which is interesting, if accurate.


Daar kan ik geen chocola van maken.:grin:

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“…what if Scandinavians are really weird?”

Oh no, we are the normal ones.

And no, that is not an inflated raviolo!
It is a princesstårta, having a coating of marcipan,
which has a special meaning for every Swede stemming
from the county Småland.

@paperdigits: No, not accurate.


Ingemar Stenmark je bil dolga leta neuradni kralj Vojvodine Kranjske. In sploh ni bil slab kralj.


Toda ali je užival marcipansko torto?


Ja, le zato je premagal Lindsey Vonn, marcipan in melanholija švedske pokrajine.


I also thought it was a giant ravioli with something written in BBQ sauce on top. Now I’m super hungry at 0200 hrs.

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@Claes I sort of understand but could you elucidate sometime in the future?

(nosle) #13

Claes I have to say I have no idea what this is about! Perhaps its a southern* thing

*anywhere south of Örnsköldsvik 63.2883265" N


Oh yes! It is really about county Småland, or rather: their dialect.
Because of that, The First Thursday in March has become the
National Day of Småland.

In the Småland dialect, the R-sound is inaudible in certain positions.
Ask my wife what comes after thirty-nine, and she will reply Foty
(or rather Fötti).

So, Fössta tosdan i mass is the day when you eat massipantåta.
In normal Swedish Första torsdan i mars and marsipantårta.

The massipantåta in the opening post was presented to me by
one of my clients, on this day, a year ago. Yes, he too came from county

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


That princesstårta looks irresistable. Mmm…


Not something that I could eat but would you happen to have the recipe?


Of course:

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It is always funny how as a german speaking person (with some english knowledge) I can understand some of the written things in swedish, and they always sound terribly cute…as if you are always speaking like small children in sweden…

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Bork, bork, bork!


I didn’t want to be racist against Swedes in any way, but most Americans of my generation think about that dude when they hear the word Sweden or the Swedish language.