Today's Photos April 11th

Runners, Walkers and Sitters in the Spring sunshine

Canon 5DSR, 85mm f1.8, darktable. 1/800 100iso f5.6 or f6.3
Taken today

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Oh, I can identify with your last image. Last summer, we did a thing we called ‘MUTTs’, Meet Under The Tree (not sure what the S is for). Wife, I, and neighbors sit socially-distanced under our front-yard trees, and drink wine, every Monday afternoon. We just had our first convene of the spring season last Monday.


@RawConvert Everyone is so chill. I like it.

Plural of that thing being described; e.g., Glenns.

We are in “lock down” and supposed to stay at home but the malls are crowded, schools are open… :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging: Our numbers, while small compared to many countries, are increasing despite the vaccination effort. Lots of frustrated people no matter what their backgrounds or opinions are. It is hard to relax.

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After I posted, I realized it had become a name: we’re MUTTs!

Wife and I think we should be in lockdown for the third surge, but who are we to say… :crazy_face:

No doubt there is pandemic fatigue. My wife works in a hospital. She was lucky enough to have a few days off last week. She is normally up at 5:30 or 6 AM everyday wide awake and running at full speed even on vacation. She was exhausted and never got out of bed before 9AM most days… She is running on half a tank for sure so the least I can do is mask and distance and support her the best I can. Heck I think the mask is a keeper for me esp next flu season why not if I can avoid flu and colds by just wearing one in public during those seasons I would be crazy not to …keep safe everyone as we limp through this…hoping to get the vaccine soon…I keep watching the phone for my call…