Tone enhance filter added to faves - reset button does nothing

(paul matthijsse) #1


Hello, when I use the Tone enhance filter in section Details I can move sliders and reset them with the Reset button to their original settings.
When I add this filter to my favorites (because this is my #1 favorite !), move sliders and try the Reset button, nothing happens. I guess this is due to a simple typo somewhere.

G’mic 2.3.4 for Gimp 2.10.6 on Xubuntu 18.04.

Regards, Paul.

(G'MIC staff) #3

Paul, I’ve just tested and it works for me.
Maybe a possible confusion : when you add a filter as a favorite, it also stores the parameters you’ve set for the filter, and in this case resetting the parameters make them takes not the default parameters of the original filter, but the parameters that was used when added to the favorites.

Could it be the reason the Reset button doesn’t seem to do anything with the parameters ?

(paul matthijsse) #4

Salut David, thank you for informing me that I am 200% stupid, that was indeed the solution! I do know that certain settings are saved when a filter is added to the Faves, but I just oversaw that ! Grrr, must be the canicule (heat wave) in the south of France…

Regards, Paul.

(paul matthijsse) #5

Hello David, glad to inform you that I’m not 200% stupid at all ! The problem as described above is still there, and repeatable.

a) I go to Details, click on the Tone enhance filter, then Add to favorites.
b) In faves I click on Tone enhance and change some sliders, click OK. G’mic applies the filter and stops. We’re back in Gimp.
c) Activate G’Mic again with the same or another photo, go to Faves, then Tone enhance. The previous settings are still active, which is normal.
d) Click Reset >> really nothing happens, the previous settings stay active.

For me the only reset is to stop and restart Gimp, then G’mic.

(G'MIC staff) #6

Thanks @paulmatth, apparently Sébastien (the developer of the plug-in interface) has fixed this, last friday, so it should working as expected for the next release (2.3.6).

(paul matthijsse) #7

Thanks, this little bug really really annoyed me!