Tone equalizer challenge

It was hard to get rid from a big halo surrounding the foliage at right until I decided to leave the comfort zone and experiment. Then I found that in this particular case, average guided filter gave me flexibility to tweak tones without creating halos. First time I use it.
The rest is basically the now better know scene referred workflow by default + exposure tweaking + embellishments

EDIT: Actually, I’m not 100% sure I could completely get rid of the halo… but it’s certainly much better than what I was able to achieve with the default guided filter.

IMG_8336_01.cr2.xmp (14.9 KB)
IMG_8336.cr2 (12.3 MB)

EDIT: Considering @Thomas_Do mention to the clouds, here’s one more from the same cloud formation, shot some kilometers before the first one.

IMG_8321.cr2.xmp (10.7 KB)
IMG_8321.cr2 (11.7 MB)

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I can obtain something similar using 3.2 and the standard tone equalizer parameters in the masking (I’ve just tweaked the exposure and contrast compensation)

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (13.3 KB)

For fun here’s an alternative with recent master using the EIGF (though I’ve tweaked the settings as well so it’s not a direct comparison):

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (16.2 KB)


Theres some tone equaliser here, but I followed that with my usual Arri LogC conversion and used the contrast and contrast fulcrum (known as pivot in DaVinci Resolve i.e. video colour grading) tools in the colour balance module to open up the shadows a bit more.

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (47.1 KB)


My take. DT 3.3 git, with tone equalizer eigf mode

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (25.9 KB)

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DT 3.2.1

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (17,0 KB)


This looks suspiciously like a deliberate ETTR choice or spot metering and then 2 stops of exposure comp to keep the highlight detail. The downside is that you’ve hit the limits of the original 5D’s dynamic range and so there’s a lot of noise and artefacts in the darker regions. A physical graduated filter would have countered this.

RT didn’t require masked regions or a digital graduated filter to keep the highlight, I’d put a vignette on it like below and then put it through GIMP to sort out the magenta mountain :wink:

IMG_8336.jpg.out.pp3 (12.8 KB)

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A attempt using ART

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does this have a PP3 file?

Art uses spécific sidecar files. Here it isIMG_8336-art-1.jpg.out.arp (11.3 KB)

You’re right. Your workflow reminded me of my laziness in sticking to the default scene referred settings and since then, to abandon filmic tweaking. I did another edit this time starting from scratch, and while I still faced a halo along the way, it was much more manageable.
Also, lately I’ve been applying an icc input profile from @ggbutcher’s collection, and it seems to have a strong effect on the highlights, which forces me to use tone equalizer in a more radical way. Maybe I shouldn’t be using an icc profile for 5D Mark II if my camera is 5d Mark I :stuck_out_tongue:

@black_daveth Very nice looking! A very Northern look that kind of doesn’t fit with this Southern tropical palette, but still a very nice look.

That’s exactly what I did.

Agreed. In this particular image, I still find it acceptable, but yes, 5D’s dynamic range doesn’t rock (11,1 EV according to dxomark)

Wouldn’t it turn the foliage at right too dark?

Wouldn’t it turn the foliage at right too dark?

Yes and no. Not trying to be difficult, the RAW would be flatter but that would have reduced the recorded dynamic range and so you would have less of a need to pull up the midtones and shadows and therefore less noise.

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te.challenge.cr2.xmp (15.5 KB) darktable 3.2.1

Not sure about the tone equalizer producing weirdness, used it the way I normally do and had no problems. I did notice that using chromatic aberrations and defringe had a bigger impact then I usually see.

Anyway: Nice landscape, thanks for sharing!

PS: Dude, clean your sensor/lens :smile:

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This kind of image I would normally do without using tone-equalizer. Basic tone adjustment, just exposure + filmic.

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (8.7 KB)


Fully agree with that. I included it solely to see what, if anything, would happen.

thanks, I can’t help but push the sky towards green and foliage towards yellow but may have overdone the sky a bit especially in this instance.

Hum, I don’t think so. I was referring more to the general mood, a bit sadder and grungier, I lack the vocabulary… It just feels strange to me, but in a nice way.

I’m particularly attracted to the way people “see” foreign places and its different colors, the way they automatically tend to apply the color palette they’re used to in their original places.

Of course, you don’t live here, so you don’t know how the scene light and colors were in the first place. Besides, no one is obliged to faithfully reproduce scenes.

It’s just something that makes me wonder about this things. Just thoughts…

That’s the rub: with no information from the manufacturer, all one can assume is individual camera models are different SSF-wise. That there are patterns of similarity is interesting and possibly useful, but probably not something to blindly rely upon.

If there’s anyone in the Colorado Springs, CO, USA area with a 5D Mark I, I’m willing to measure it…

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Thanks for that!

Who knows, maybe this is the excuse I was missing to finally spend some cash and know the US :flight_departure:

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Great image to play with! Here a more adventurous edit producing a somewhat moody feeling. Also no use of the tone equalizer but employing the channel mixer to control lightness.

I like the clouds (gray on the left side and the bright yellowish ones).

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (8.9 KB)


I love these images :smiley: Here is my take!

IMG_8336.cr2.xmp (42.0 KB)

IMG_8321.cr2.xmp (19.0 KB)

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