Tone Equalizer - Regularization

I am a newish user of Art and as I work my way through the application there are at times some things I don’t understand and find difficult to get information on. Could someone please explain what the function of “regularization” control is. Please bear in mind that simple answers work best for an old guy like me.
Thanks in advance

Regularization is often associated with controlling the degree of smoothing you want from an image filter.

It is sort of what @afre wrote. Regularisation tries to smoothen the transitions among the different bands of the equaliser, to avoid unwanted effects such as loss of local contrast. The best way to visualise the effect is to activate ‘show tonal map’ and play with the slider to see how the affected areas change. The biggest changes happen between 0 and 1, the other values are mostly for fine tuning. In general, I’d recommend to keep the setting at 1, especially if you use the equaliser to compress the dynamic range (push shadows and/or pull highlights). You might increase the value if you notice artifacts, or decrease it if you use the equaliser to add contrast (ie push highlights and/or pull shadows).

Hope this helps

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Thanks Alberto - got it.