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I’d like to contribute to update French translation of Photoflow. I found .po and .pot on GitHub. Are there specific rules like all lowercase, nb of character? How to test before sending .po?


I am sure that @Carmelo_DrRaw will be able to guide you further!

Claes en Lund, La Suède

Hello @gotaalv ! Sorry for the delayed answer, but I had to refresh a bit my memory concerning how translations are generated and updated before sending you a reply…

Concerning the rules, I am now in the process of converting all string to lowercase. There are still some that begin with an uppercase letter, but they still need to be changed in the english version.
Strings should be as short as possible, to avoid bloating the space taken by the widgets and labels.

Concerning how to test, there I see few options. But first of all, could you tell me which operating system you are using and if you would be able to compile the code from sources?

The current git head in the stable branch contains an up-to-date .pot file that can be used as the starting point for generating the language-specific .po files, and also an initial fr.po that reflects the current status of the French translations.

I am aiming at a release of the code by the beginning of February, so I will be freezing the strings very soon.

Thanks for your help!


I managed to translate about 90%. I’m uploading the .pot (14.1 KB) .

I’m using Photoflow on LinuxMint from ppa:dhor/myway with ~ weekly release, so I’ll wait for next one to see how it’s look like.

Thanks for feedback

Thanks! I have pushed your changes to the Stable branch, I guess you should get a new package in a couple of days. You could also try the latest AppImage that is available from the CI release. The new package should be ready in few hours.

If you agree, I will open an GitHub issue to further discuss the French translations, as it is easier to keep track of the discussion there…

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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