Translating the wrong po file?

I am translating the Swedish po file in darktable master. Should I continue with darktable master or should I start over with the po file in darktable 3.0.1?

Master’s fine I think.
You could switch to 3.0.x branch to have your changes incorporated sooner.
Also I think strings on master branch are more volatile and prone tochanges.

Only master is needed, I copy translations from master to release branch before creating a release.

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121 translations completed. 425 left. (107.0 KB)

That should be a PR against darktable repo :slight_smile:

I see. Never done a pull request before. I found the tutorial here but don’t have more than 30 minutes a day to learn about it right now.

Next time I update the translation file I will try to do a pull request.

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Try it! it’s relatively easy!

Is the tutorial I linked up to date?

To quote Star Wars:
It’s an older one sir, but it checks out.